June record month for children seeking asylum

In June a record number of unaccompanied children applied for asylum in Sweden and more are expected, according to a press release from the Migration Agency.

There were 1,447 unaccompanied children who applied for asylum in June, which is the highest number ever for a single month in sweden.

Kjell-Terje Torvik, from the Migration Agency, told Radio Sweden that Sweden is the country that receives the most asylum applications from children. One possible explanation is that Sweden grants permanent residency to minors, which is something many other European countries do not do. Torvik said that there are going to be delays processing the large number of applications.

"To adapt a system after having so many come in so short a time is difficult. Obviously, we need to hire new employees and they need the chance to learn their jobs. It will not happen in a week, rather months," Torvik said.