How a global science program made climate change interesting

6:00 min

Climate change may be one of the biggest issues of the day, but, as an abstract and scientific narrative, it is difficult to keep reporting on it for many news media.

A study by media analyst Retriever found that the number of global warming stories in Swedish media reached their top in 2007 and 2008. That number has since fallen, and stories have become shorter.

Looking ahead to the UN climate summit in Paris this December, Radio Sweden spoke with the former producer of the global environmental program Klotet, from Swedish Radio’s science department.

Johan Bergendorff, who now works as a global health reporter, still for Swedish Radio, told us that the genesis of the show had much to do with growing concern about global warming. He spoke about how the show grew in popularity and how they tried to keep complicated science stories interesting. 

This is the fourth and final program of a series on global warming and individual Swedes. Thanks to Johan Bergendorff for providing tips, advice, and research.