Sweden Democrat asked to leave party after explosives crackdown

The Sweden Democrats in a municipality in Halland wants the party’s municipal politician to leave his position and the party, according to Swedish Radio News. The reason is that the person is suspected of crimes in connection with the large police crackdown on explosives in Halland last week.

Last Friday the police in Southern Sweden stopped a car for an ID check. The driver was arrested for suspected narcotics offenses. In connection with the arrest, the police performed several home searches and found around 500 kilograms of explosive materials.

Several persons were detained in connection with this. Two of them were detained today, suspected of gross violation against the law against flammable and explosive products. The other two were released but are still under suspicion, reports P4 Halland.

One of the released suspects is a municipal politician from the Sweden Democrats, which prompted the party to demand the person leave the party.

Another one of the suspects who was detained today has previously been convicted of crimes, and has connections with Nazi movements.

Mark Vadasz, head of communications at the Swedish Security Service, Säpo, claims the agency is monitoring the case closely.