High-speed solar-powered commuter boat planned for Stockholm

Testing of commuter boating at higher speeds than currently allowed will soon begin. In September the results of a several-years-long EU project will be released: a new electric-powered hovercraft with a maximum speed of 30 knots.

The goal of the project has been to find a quicker and more environmentally friendly alternative to subway and bus commuting in the Stockholm area. And the new electric hovercrafts would halve the time it takes to travel between Ekerö and Stockholm. Other considered routes are Rindö - Slussen and Mariefred - Ekerö.

The tests are planned to be carried out in September and October and will measure environmental effects, high speeds, sound levels and waves. The Alliance government in Ekerö has set aside money for the effort and they hope that the hovercraft commuting can start in 2017.