Sunken foreign submarine discovered off the Swedish coast

A sunken mini-submarine has been discovered in the waters off of Sweden's eastern coast, according to the online version of the tabloid Expressen.

Ocean X Team, who led the search for the wreck, writes on its website that the submarine is roughly 20 meters long and three meters wide, that it has Cyrillic characters on the hull which indicates that it is Russian, and that it does not show any visible signs of damage. The submarine is said to lie about 2,750 meters away from land.

Stefan Hogeborn, a diver for the team, writes on the website that the submarine is completely in tact and that all the hatches are closed, which he writes, can mean that the crew may not have been able to get out.

In an interview with Expressen, Dennis Åsberg from the team, said that the submarine looks very modern, at least at first glance, and that it might be from the 80s or 90s, but he is careful to say that at this point, that is speculation.

The Swedish Armed Forces is analyzing film material of the sunken vessel.

It was last week that the Ocean X Team started their search for the submarine after getting a tip from an Icelandic company that a submarine was to have sunk and lay on the sea floor, very close to the Swedish east coastline. 

Tomas Ries, a lecturer in strategy and security policy at the Swedish Defence University, who has seen the footage, told Expressen that what it suggests is a secret mission that went wrong.