Fraud and ID-theft on the rise in Sweden

Last year 65,000 fraud cases were reported and during the first half of this year, there has been a nine percent increase of cases compared to the same period last year, according to police.

The problem affected one in 150 Swedes last year and Jan Granqvist, chief of the police's fraud center, told Swedish Radio News that this is becoming a serious societal problem.

"The consequence might end up being that we don't trust each other. Which ID documents can you trust? I don't see this problem being solved by the police alone, we need help from law changes and other factors in order to prevent this type of crime," Granqvist said.

Granqvist also said that it is not possible to be completely protected. But protecting personal and account information and keeping mailboxes locked can at least lower the risk of being attacked by fraud and ID-theft.