1000 demonstrate against SD posters

Around 1000 people have taken part in a demonstration at Stockholm’s Norrmalmstorg square, to protest against an ad campaign by the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat Party, reports the TT news agency.

Aimed at tourists, the English language posters portray street beggars, with the text “Sorry about the mess”. Critics regard the posters as racist disparagement of Roma migrants here.

Earlier Tuesday the Bishop of Linköping strongly criticized the campaign. Bishop Martin Modéus writes on his Facebook page that the campaign is “a record low in shame in Swedish political history”. 

But, while the protests rage against the posters at a Stockholm subway station, a local public relations company says they are all positive for the anti-immigration party, as their goal is to be controversial and to get as much attention as possible.

Most of the posters have been vandalized, while Stockholm Public Transport has received nearly 2,000 complaints, and around 80 formal complaints have been filed with the Parliamentary Ombudsman or the Advertising Ombudsman.

The British newspaper The Scotsman has poked fun of the posters for their poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation, noting that the Sweden Democrats have campaigned for high standards in Swedish for foreigners coming to Sweden.

Many of the beggars on Swedish streets are Roma from Romania.