Sweden rejects 10 percent of minors seeking asylum on their own

Swedish Radio News reports that so far this year, a larger percentage of unaccompanied minors coming to Sweden seeking asylum have gotten permission to stay in the country. 

This year, 90 percent of them have gotten to stay, many of them coming from the Middle East or war-torn nations like, for example, Afghanistan.

Last year, 87 percent of children coming alone to sweden for asylum-purposes got to stay. The year before, 82 percent got permission to stay.

Sweden receives the largest number of these children in all of the EU, and this year 12,000 of them are expected to come, compared to 7,000 last year.

While many of them get to stay, Swedish Radio News reports that around 1,200 of those seeking asylum in Sweden this year will not get permission to stay and will either be sent to a relative within weeks, or if no relative can be identified, be deported once they have turned 18.