Man found in airplane cargo hold in Arlanda

A man was found in the cargo hold of a plane coming from Ethiopia at Stockholm's Arlanda airport on Friday morning, Swedish Radio News reports.

"When the staff were going to unload the baggage, they found the man. He was in good shape, but we made him see a nurse. The matter has been handed over to the border police now," says Henrik Klefve, press officer at Swedavia, the state-owned company which operates Sweden's major airports.

The plane landed around 7 a.m. and came directly from Addis Ababa. The man, born in 1991, is an Ethiopian national and intends to seek asylum in Sweden.

"He says he works at the airport in Addis Ababa and he had a badge with him. That's how he had been able to move freely around the airport, reach the plane and get in the cargo hold," says Anders Färdigs, police officer at Arlanda.