District court frees man for using marijuana to ease pain

The district court in Västmanland voted Thursday to free a man for growing and using marijuana. The man is partly paralysed and suffers from chronic pain and used the drug to ease the pain, Swedish Radio's local channel in Västmanland reports. 

The man suffered an accident that left him partially paralysed 20 years ago and has been on different kinds of painkillers ever since. He claims that cannabis is the only thing that has actually worked, and has told reporters that he never once thought about the consequences because 'no criminal sentence could be worse than the pain he has to endure'.

The court argued that the man had grown and used the drug as a last resort and that it was an emergency. The jury, however, was not unanimous.

"I understand that he is in pain, but I wouldn't call it an emergency," said district court judge Christina Brobacke, and added that "the case could get tried in a different court".