One dead in Rinkeby suburb shooting

A man in his forties has died after being wounded during a shooting in the northern Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby on Sunday and another three people were also wounded, police say.

Two people were seriously hurt and brought to hospital. One, a man in his forties, later died after sustaining knife and gunshot wounds, police say.

Another two people were lightly wounded, likely by bullets that ricocheted. They were able to seek medical help on their own and were likely passersby and not involved in the shooting, Eva Nilsson of the Stockholm police told news agency TT.

Police cordoned off Rinkeby's main square where the shooting is thought to have happened at around 2 p.m. on Sunday. Several police officers patrolled  the area and a helicopter circulated in the air. Many people gathered at the square after the incident as police forensic investigators were brought to the site.

As of Sunday afternoon, there had been no arrests, but police launched a preliminary investigation into attempted murder or attempted manslaughter and are speaking to witnesses, Swedish Radio reported.

Nilsson said there were many people at the square on Sunday afternoon and that there should be plenty of witnesses.

This is a developing story.