Skåne and Denmark negotiate rebranding region "Greater Copenhagen"

5:28 min

A proposal to rebrand the combined areas in Swedish Skåne and the Danish capital Copenhagen as "Greater Copenhagen" is hoped to bring future business and prestige to the both Scandinavian countries. If only they can agree how it should be done.

Denmark and Sweden have historically quarelled over the southern Swedish province of Skåne. But today Sweden's third largest city Malmö shares many economic ties with the larger, more famous capital Copenhagen which is just a drive across the Öresund bridge. But proponents of the "Greater Copenhagen" plan, which will initially involve only marketing efforts, hope a combined identity will mean an even more-integrated economy.

"If we get a 'Greater Copenhagen' region, with together 3.8 million people, that would be a very strong region," said Henrik Bredberg, editorial writer for daily newspaper Sydsvenskan and Helsingborgs Dagblad. "It could attract investments, and experts, and capital from all over the world."

The region would benefit from Copenhagen's international prestige and Skåne's money and more-available real-estate. But not everyone is on board. Some people in Skåne might feel the brand papers over Swedish Scania's distinct identity. And Bredberg suggested that even some Stockholmers might have objections.

"There are people, in Stockholm anyway, that fears competition from 'Greater Copenhagen,'" he said. "The Parliament and the government in Stockholm, why should they invest money in a Danish region? But I could answer that and say 'Because "Greater Copenhagen" could also create jobs and growth all over Sweden.'"