Airlines increase baggage allowance to help refugees

Several airlines are letting passengers travelling to southern Europe take on board extra baggage, if they want to bring aid to refugees.

People travelling with Scandinavian Airlines SAS and Norwegian will not have to pay anything extra, if they want to take a bag with donations for refugees.

"We allow the customers travelling to the Mediterranean to bring extra luggage with clothes, shoes and toiletries to refugees. We are very pleased that we can offer this opportunity and contribute in some way," Malin Selander, SAS spokesperson, told the news agency TT.

There is no need to ask permission or register this in advance.

The decision was made on Friday, TT reports.

"we've been getting a lot of enquiries from passengers if they are allowed to bring extra baggage. It is a drop in the ocean, but we want to contribute with something," Astrid Mannion, press secretary at Norwegian, told TT.

Since June, the charter flight company Ving has allowed its customers to take 20 kilos extra of luggage, to give to refugees.