Footage reveals further details of Ikea double murder

Surveillance camera footage shows the moments before a man stabbed to death a woman and her adult son at Ikea in Västerås, central Sweden.

CCTV footage, seen by Swedish Radio News and the major tabloids, shows how the man grabbed a knife at the Ikea kitchen supplies department. He removed the knife’s protective slip before stabbing a woman, 55, and her son, 27.

The footage does not show the actual murder, which took place on August 10th, but witnesses have said they heard several horrifying screams.

The suspect, 36, has confessed to the murders, saying that the two victims got too close to him and that it was a coincidence that he attacked them in particular.

The man was an asylum seeker and told the police that he went to Ikea soon after finding out that he would be sent back to Italy. He was disappointed, he said, and lost control inside the department store.

The suspect was accompanied by a 23-year-old man who said that the 36-year-old picked up a pan and two knives at the kitchen department. When the 23-year-old asked the older man why he removed the knives from their packages, he did not respond. The murders happened just minutes later.

Vice chief prosecutor Eva Morén did not want to comment on the investigation, saying it was the district court that had handed out the material to the media, a rare move.

After the stabbing, Ikea stopped selling knives at its Västerås store, but on Monday, the company said sales will soon be resumed.

“This is a tragic and isolated incident that is in no way connected to Ikea or to our range of products. We will continue selling knives as we do today,” said Daniela Rogosic, Ikea’s head of press.