Löfven: 'France and Sweden stand united'

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is in Sweden and met with Prime Minister Stephen Löfven to discuss the international refugee crisis as well as the European labor market. "France and Sweden stand united here," said Löfven at a press conference.

During the morning, Valls was scheduled to meet Interior Minister Anders Ygeman and the national coordinator against violent extremism, Mona Sahlin.

At the press conference Löfven said the refugee crisis was one of the biggest challenges ahead of them.

"It's time for all countries in the EU to share that responsibility. That's not a task for some countries. We're going to discuss it at our extra top meetig next week. But I want to say one thing: Things can't continue as they are now. It's not acceptable," said Löfven.

Prime Minister Valls said that the situation in Europe had been discussed carefully and the crisis risked shaking the EU's founding principles.

"Europe stands before an incredible challenge when it comes to refugees. Europe must show its values. We have with Germany proposed a general plan, and I am happy that the French and German proposal is being discussed. Consensus has not been reached, but there is a majority who are for it. The most important thing right now is to ensure that there will be a sharing among all member countries."

"We must also have a political plan for returning those who are not granted asylum and have cooperation with the transit countries. The meeting on Wednesday will be crucial," said Valls.