The King and DI - pre-dawn call for missing paper

A journalist at the business daily Dagens Industri (DI) received a surprise phone-call at 4 am Thursday from the Royal Court - the King had not received his morning newspaper. 

DI's online editor Maria Schultz was woken by the middle of the night phone-call and at first thought it was a prank. She posted the conversation online.

"The King has not received his newspaper."

"'Eehh, what did you say?' I replied," explains Schultz.

As DI's online editor, she told the caller that the King could go online to read Thursday's edition.

The Royal Court's press spokesperson, Margareta Thorgren, is investigating what happened, but confirms to the newspaper that Dagens Industri is a part of the King's morning ritual.

"The newspapers are lying around for breakfast. The King gets all the newspapers," she says.

Maria Schultz was convinced that the call was a practical joke but a verification call later in the morning confirmed the origin of the call.

"The King wanted the newspaper and that's why we rang, but it was obviously not meant to wake you," said the same person who called Schultz in the middle of the night.

On Thursday, King Carl XVI Gustaf and his daughter Crown Princess Victoria, were spending the day learning more about the situation facing migrants and refugees newly arrived in Sweden, in a series of meetings with Migartion Agency officials and refugees.