Man sues over wrongful accusation after moose declared real killer

A man from southern Sweden is suing the state for more than half a million kronor after he was wrongful accused of killing his wife, who was in fact kicked to death by a moose.

The plaintiff is seeking SEK 621,000 in for suffering and lost income, according to newspaper Dagens Nyheter

The case began back in September 2008 when the man's wife was discovered dead along a forest path. The police first suspected the man and arrested the man just hours after the body was found.

The man spent 10 days in detention before being released though he remained under suspicion for several months.

Eventually, a forensic analysis revealed the real culprit was a moose who had fatally kicked the woman. 

The man said he was seen as a killer in his town near the southwest city of Västervik and had to move away.

In addition to filing the lawsuit, he has previously reported the police and prosecutors who handled the investigation to the Parliamentary Ombudsmen.