Stockholm's museums to open doors, for free, to refugees

1:44 min

Stockholm's culture department is working to offer free entrance to about a dozen museums in the capital to refugees with permanent residency in Sweden.

Organizers say the pilot project will help newly arrived refugees better acclimate to their new home.

"The purpose will be to show them the different kinds of museums in Stockholm, to help them with their integration in Stockholm," Birgitta Asplund Hansen, project leader at Stockholm's culture department, tells Radio Sweden.

So far, the department has about a dozen museums on board, like the Modern Museum and the Nordiska Museum, and is looking for volunteers to serve as guides who could help show some of the refugees, who have been granted permanent residency in Sweden, around.

Asplund Hansen says the proposal is still being developed but they hope to have a pilot program operating shortly. She adds that it may even been expanded later on.

"We hope that there will be a lot of other museums and places, perhaps theaters and other kinds of institutions in the culture community, who would like to join this movement," she says.

The government had already announced in September that it would soon be free to visit some of the state-funded museums in Sweden. Starting next year, the government will spend SEK 80 million to get rid of the entrance fees at 17 museums across the country.