QR codes on tombstones

2:10 min

The latest trend in Swedish burials is including QR codes on tombstones, with links to information about the departed, or to an online memorial.

One of several companies offering the service is Sveriges Begravningsbyråers Förbund, or SBF. Director Ulf Lernéus tells Radio Sweden there isn’t much room on a tombstone for more than the name and the dates of birth and death. Older graves used to carry information about profession or what farm the deceased lived on, but this custom has nearly disappeared today.

Instead more effort is going into online places to remember the dead.

“Many people put a lot of work into creating a memorial and if you create something like that then you usually want to share the memories. And many people around us have memories of the deceased which they also would like to share, by sending a greeting.”

The QR codes on tombstones can be read by smartphones. When you scan them you can access images and Music.“The relatives decide what information is stored,” Ul Lernéus says. “It can be a slide show of the deceased’s live, it might be favorite music or a film. Many might want to link to a family tree, There are many people who research their family origins and this is a way to provide more information about the deceased and their family.”