Prosecutor drops investigation into terrorism preparations

The highly publicized preliminary investigation into preparing to commit terrorist crimes, which led to false suspicions against a 22-year-old man, has now formally been dropped, reports Aftonbladet, however, Sweden's threat level remains raised at 4.

Deputy chief prosecutor Hans Ihrman told the tabloid that after they determined that the 22-year-old man was innocent, they refocused the investigation to see if they could tie the "initial information" they'd gotten, to someone other than the 22-year-old, but that nothing signficant came of it.

While Ihrman would not say what the "initial information" was, he did say that they had understood that an attack had been planned for last weekend, which was why they had to act so quickly.

Last Thursday the 22-year-old was arrested after a nationwide manhunt and questioned for six hours. On Sunday, the prosecutor decided against requesting that he be remanded in custody, and the man was released, freed of suspicion.