Stockholm Läser is "a giant book club"

3:24 min

People in the Swedish capital who enjoy reading and discussing books found out Wednesday night that Inger Edelfeldt's 1999 novel "Det Hemliga Namnet" (The Secret Name) will be on the common agenda this year.

Stockholm Läser, which translates to Stockholm Reads, is a joint project by the Writers Center in Sweden and the City Library. Every year, they pick a book that is at least 15 years old around which to arrange author talks, book clubs and other events. A new edition of the book is released, which contains suggested questions for book clubs to discuss, or for individual readers to ponder.

The jury selects books that deal with universal questions about "love, longing and what it means to be human", according to Helena Ahlin, a librarian and one of the people who works with Stockholm Läser, in order to have a wide appeal.

Inspired by similar projects in the U.S., the author Helena Sigander started the project in Stockholm in 2002, according to Ahlin.