Organic food sales up 40 percent last year

2:12 min

Sales of organic food increased by nearly 40 percent last year, and one industry analyst says eight out of ten Swedes buy organic.

Cecilia Ryegård, editor for the website Ekoweb, which monitors and keeps statistics on the organics industry in Sweden, told Radio Sweden that the reason Swedes buy organic has changed. Where they once bought organic for environmental reasons, she said they often buy organic now for health reasons.

And she said the consumer demographic had changed.

"You used to say that it was a woman from a big city, around 40, that has studied at university and that has a good income," she said. "Now eight of ten Swedish consumers are buying organic food. So almost everyone is doing it sometimes... It's over all ages, over all incomes. It comes to almost everyone."

Despite a recent scandal involving organic beef, Ryegård said that Swedes can generally trust their organic food labels. In 2016 she forecast that the purchase of organic foods would increase another 20 percent or SEK 6 billion.