Police check car's 'black box' in Viola Beach crash

Police still don't know why the British band Viola Beach and their manager drove through two traffic booms and through a gap in an open drawbridge but hope their car's "black box" can provide some answers.

All five passengers died in the crash that saw their rental car drive off the bridge and into the fridge waters of the Södertälje canal on February 13. But why the accident happened, despite the bridge's flashing warning lights and lowered booms and traffic stopped waiting for the bridge, is still anyone's guess three weeks later.

Newspaper Aftonbladet reports that police are now looking into the vehicle's "black box" or data box for information about the car's speed, movement and operation.

"The data box is something we want to have in connection with the technical investigation, but it is designed so that not just anyone can get data from it. You must go to the manufacturer and ask for the data, but we have not received it yet," police investigator Lars Berglund told the newspaper. 

The data box controls certain functions in the car and can also record what happened and what maneuvers made with the vehicle while someone is driving it.

Police said surveillance video from the bridge showed the band's car slowing down when it reaches a line of waiting vehicles as the bridge was opening. It then changes lanes and drives off before disappearing off the screen.