Police refute Viola Beach 'suicide' rumours

1:01 min

The crash which killed a British rock band was nothing more than an accident, say Swedish police, refuting rumours that it was caused by drunk driving or suicide.

“We can say right now that it was an accident and an unfortunate incident. There’s nothing pointing to anything else,” says police spokesperson Carina Skagerlind at Stockholm police.

The car carrying the members of Viola Beach, driven by their producer, went past warning signs and barriers to drive under a raised road bridge and crash into the water near Södertälje. All those inside the car were killed.

Swedish police have looked at a video of the incident and their conclusion is that an inattentive driver drove the car into a boom in front of the bridge. This first collision might have knocked the driver unconscious, and sent an out of control car through the other barrier.

“But we should say that the investigation isn’t properly finished. It will take at least another week,” says Skagerlind to Swedish Radio News.