UN chief: follow Sweden's lead on refugees

2:06 min

Ban Ki-moon praised Sweden during a Wednesday visit to Stockholm for re-settling a record number of refugees last year.

And the UN Secretary-General said that more nations need to chip in to help ease the Syrian refugee crisis.

Calling Sweden an "exemplary model country", the UN chief met with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to discuss a range of topics from climate change, migration, peace building and reforming the UN.

Ban told reporters that he admired Sweden's work and support for the UN and said more countries should emulate its example, particularly its acceptance of refugees.

"Sweden is a trusted and indispensable partner of the United Nations across the global agenda," Ban said at a press conference with the prime minister. "I continue to call for more countries to join Sweden in re-settling refugees and sharing what is a global responsibility."

He also fielded a question regarding Swedish UN aid worker Anders Kompass, who leaked a confidential report detailing the sexual abuse of children by French peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. Kompass was suspended from his job.

Ban pointed out that he established a panel to look into what happened and said he was "sorry" for the allegations of sexual violence and that future ones would be investigated thoroughly.

Kompass was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing by the UN's internal oversights body OIOS and later left his job at the organization.

Later on Wednesday, Ban delivered a lecture to the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation at Stockholm City Hall. Hammarskjöld was the only UN Secretary-General from Sweden, serving from 1953 until September 1961 when he died in a plane crash while on a mission in the Congo.