Police find nothing dangerous at Landvetter after bomb scare

2:08 min

Gothenburg's Landvetter airport was partly evacuated today after a suspicious bag was found, but the police have now indicated that nothing dangerous was found.

Hans Lippens, the press spokesperson for the police, told news agency TT:

"Our experts have not found anything dangerous at all, neither in the plastic bags nor anywhere else in the terminal."

Police had investigated a suspicious bag at Gothenburg's Landvetter airport after the transport hub received a bomb threat earlier on Thursday.

Swedish Radio's local channel in Gothenburg reported that the domestic terminal was evacuated about noon after a plastic bag with an unknown object was found.

Security was already heighten due to the earlier threat that was called into airport operator Swedavia about 9:40 am, police spokesman Peter Adlersson told news agency TT. Police also shut down the road leading up to the building.