Moderates say spring budget is "careless"

After the red-green government and Left Party announced a spring budget with SEK 10 billion extra for public services, opposition parties voiced sharp criticism that the government could not finance that support.

"I think the government is being careless," said Ulf Krister Petersson, the Moderate's finance spokesperson, speaking with Swedish Radio News. "One should be careful using loans to finance new spending. And that's what they're doing right now."

The red-green government has not released details of how exactly the budget would be financed, but said it would not break the spending ceiling in place since the 1990s.

The deal struck Monday would give local governments an extra SEK 10 billion each year. News agency TT reported that municipalities who have taken in the most refugees would receive greater a proportion of the allocation, meant to strengthen the coffers of services run at the local level, like preschools and healthcare.

It is hoped the extra money can help create 10,000 new jobs. TT reported that the current allocation to municipalities of SEK 93 billion is not earmarked for creating jobs.

The opposition Centre Party's Emil Källström offered a more tempered criticism of the government's planned budget. He said the Centre Party has also emphasized finding jobs for the newly arrived at the county and municipal levels.

"There we have said that we want to go from more targeted allocations to more general ones so that municipalities and counties have greater opportunities to affect the situation themselves," said Källström to SR.