Stockholm man indicted for planning alleged suicide bombing

4:15 min

A 20-year-old Swedish man from the northern Stockholm area was indicted for planning a terrorist attack in Sweden, with authorities saying it's believed he was trying to build a bomb.

In the man's apartment police found several components they believe were intended for the construction of a suicide bomb. During a search they found six bottles of acetone, duct tape, an older-model mobile phone and jars filled with round bullets.

"He wanted to do something in Sweden," prosecutor Ewamari Häggkvist told news agency TT.

On Thursday the Attunda District Court issued an indictment for conspiracy to commit terrorist offenses. The man was arrested February 11. He has denied the charges.

Häggkvist also said that police had also found pictures from a surveillance camera showing the man buying a pressure cooker and a receipt from the purchase of Christmas tree lighting. The prosecutor also said that one couldn't complete a bomb with what was found in the apartment.

According to the indictment the man also searched online for information about how to make a bomb and about terrorist acts carried out by militant group the Islamic State.

"The evidence is strong enough that I am initiating the prosecution, and I'm doing that because I expect a conviction," said Häggkvist.

Häggkvist told Radio Sweden that the man came to the attention of the Security Service, Säpo, after he traveled to Turkey two times last year. The man's family filed a missing persons report and the report said he was trying to join the Islamic State.

He was questioned in January and arrested on February 8 after the man had started collecting the components for the attack and had allegedly told family that he wanted to be a martyr. Häggkvist told TT that she hopes the man's family will testify at the trial.