Director wins appeal on film's age limit

Director Suzanne Osten won her fight against the Swedish Media Council after it rated her latest film as only appropriate for teens age 15 or older, a rating she rejected as far too high.

Swedish Television's culture department reports that the movie "The Girl, the Mother and the Demons" is now rated for children as young as 11 years old.

Osten and TriArt, the production company behind the film, took the media council to court over the original classification banning kids under 15 from seeing the movie.

In its ruling, the Administrative Court agreed with the council that there are scary scenes in the film but noted that those scenes must be weighed against the child's right to freedom of information.

The film revolves around an 8-year-old girl named Ti and her mentally disturbed mother. The story is based on a book Osten wrote about growing up with her own mom who suffered from mental illness.

Johan Karlsson, who oversees the council's film rating department, told Swedish Television he thinks the council does a good job at setting the appropriate age limit for films shown in public.

He added that the council would go through the judgment before commenting further and didn't rule out the organization appealing the ruling.

The film is set to debut in Sweden on April 15.