Swedish nationals reported killed in US airstrikes on ISIS

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Two Swedish nationals fighting in Iraq for the Islamic State were reported killed in two separate airstrikes, the US Defense Department reports.

A US military spokesman identified the two men as "motivated foreign fighters" in Iraq for the militant group, also known as IS or ISIL. The men died in two different strikes carried out on the same day though it's unclear when the bombing took place.

"Both of these strikes deprive ISIL of motivated foreign fighters who have displayed leadership aptitude," military spokesman Col. Steven Warren said during a Thursday press conference from Baghdad.

The airstrikes were part of the American military campaign against the terrorist group. 

One of the dead was identified as a "Swedish national of Bosnian descent" while the other was said to be "a Swedish-born foreign fighter with many links to Western fighters" in the Islamic State. 

Terrorism expert Hans Brun told Swedish Radio that, including the two most recent deaths, an estimated 46 Swedes have died while fighting with IS. 

The Swedish Security Service, Säpo, has said that upwards of 300 people have traveled from Sweden between 2012 to 2015 in order to fight for IS. Some 135 people have returned to Sweden.