Inquiry: Close Bromma Airport to build more homes

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A government-commissioned review has called for expanding Stockholm's main international airport, Arlanda, and shutting down the capital's more centrally located Bromma Airport in order to make way for more housing.

In a statement, the report's author, Anders Sundström, said that Bromma airport will not be needed if Arlanda, the nation's largest airport, can increase its traffic.

"Bromma Airport has no future after 2038," said Sundström, a former industry minister for the Social Democrats. "It is owned by Stockholm City, which wants to build 30,000 new homes. In 20 years time, citizens will not accept having an airport almost in the middle of growing urban centers."

Sundström said he expects the number of air travellers coming to and from the Stockholm area to double by 2040 and he underscored that time is of the essence when it comes to increasing Arlanda's capacity.

The debate around whether to close Bromma has been a heated one at times with different political parties vowing to keep the transport hub open or to shutter it immediately.

The Green Party has long pledged to close Bromma, Sweden's third largest airport, to make way for housing in the capital and to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. Stockholm's municipal government said it would cease all flights to the airport by 2022.

However, after strong criticism from businesses and politicians, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven of the Social Democrats said the country would no longer consider Bromma's closure.