Moderates would make welfare cuts

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The main opposition party has set out part of its shadow budget, saying it would make cut-backs in order to save money.

More than SEK 29 billion could be saved through welfare cuts, says Moderate Party secretary Tomas Tobé and economic spokesperson Ulf Kristersson at a press conference on Thursday.

Sick leave would be limited, and no sick pay given for the 15th day of an illness. It would also be made harder for immigrants and refugees to qualify for social security.

"Sweden's welfare must be built with work, not borrowed money," says Ulf Kristersson, who accuses the Social Democrat-Green coalition government of failing to keep Sweden's finances balanced.

Springtime sees the government and opposition parties in Sweden put forward supplementary budgets. The conservative Moderate Party is taking the opportunity to lay out its vision for the state's finances, although if the opposition parties only put forward individual budgets these will have no chance of defeating the red-green government's proposal, backed by the Left Party.

A united budget by the opposition Alliance, in December 2014, allowed the Sweden Democrat Party to defeat the government and cause a political crisis, prompting a left-right agreement to stop this happening again.