Prosecutors to court: don't lift Assange's arrest warrant

Swedish prosecutors said they disapprove of a request by the legal team of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to have a Swedish court annul his detention order for suspected sex crimes.

In a letter sent to the court, the prosecutors maintained that Assange was still suspected of a serious crime and considered a flight risk.

Director of Public Prosecution Marianne Ny, who has overseen Assange's case in Sweden, said she was still trying to question the accused at the Ecuadorian embassy in London over a 2010 rape allegation in Sweden.

"In the beginning of 2016, the Prosecutor-General of Ecuador rejected, on formal grounds, a request concerning permission to conduct an interview. Therefore, a renewed request was submitted in March. We have not yet received a reply," she said in a statement.

Back in May 2015, the Swedish Supreme Court denied Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s latest appeal to nullify the warrant for his detention. 

Since November 2010, Assange has been detained in absentia accused of rape, among other crimes, by Swedish authorities. His detention has not taken place due to his residence at the London embassy.