Swedish Brussels suspect held in custody

A Belgian judge has ordered a 23-year-old Swede held in custody, on suspicion of involvement in the recent terror attacks in Brussels.

On Thursday international media were out in force to cover the court hearing for the suspects in last month's metro and airport attacks.

Swedish Radio reports a long-drawn-out court hearing was held behind closed doors.

The suspect's lawyer says the Swede will cooperate with police, but there are no concrete details of what that means.

Family members from Sweden are expected to travel to Brussels next week, as defence lawyer Vincent Lurquin gets in contact with relatives of his client. But there have not been any contact with the Swedish authorities.

An earlier decision to hold the 23-year-old was made on Saturday, although this latest decision was made by a new judge and evidence against the man was reviewed.

The suspect is held in a prison in Saint-Gilles, awaiting a new hearing next month.