Man tried to recruit for IS in Employment Service office

1:33 min

An Islamic State member tried to recruit people inside an office of the Swedish Public Employment Service in Malmö last fall.

Daily newspaper Sydsvenskan reported Friday that one day last fall staff members at the office became aware that a man was approaching visitors and making sales pitches about the Islamic State.

"There were indications that there were attempts to recruit to a terrorist organization," Per-Ola Persson, head of security for the Employment Service, told Sydsvenskan.

The newspaper reported that the man had a Middle Eastern background and had allegedly tried to recruit a younger man with an African background.

The man made his pitch in the reception of the office, amidst a group of waiting customers and Employment Service staffers. The customer and staff members raised the alarm.

Persson told Swedish Radio's local channel in Malmö that it was the first time this had happened at the office. He said the man had approached people who were working in the office and wanted to give them addresses where they could meet outside the Employment Service offices. Persson said they had contacted the police Security Service Säpo about the incident and were working on internal routines to prevent further recruitment efforts.