Gergiev, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra and soloists

Saturday August 26th at 19.00 Berwaldhallen                                   

Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra
Valery Gergiev, conductor
Olga Volkova, concertmaster 

Soloists from the Mariinsky Theatre
Evgeny Nikitin
, Wotan
Vladislav Sulimsky
, Alberich
Vasily Gorshkov
, Loge
Zhanna Dombrovskaia
, Woglinda
Yulia Matochkina
, Weigunda
Ekaterina Sergeeva
, Flosshilda
Andrei Popov
, Mime
Zlata Bulycheva
, Erda
Mikhail Petrenko
, Faffner
Yuri Vorobiev
, Fasolt
Anna Kiknadze
, Fricka
Ilya Bannik, Donner
Dmitry Voropaev,
Oksana Shylova
, Freia

Principal Vocal Coach Marina Mishuk

RICHARD WAGNER: The Rheingold               

Duration: 2 h 40 m (no interval)

Mini seminar 18:00. Astrid Jenssen, Economist, Radiohjälpen. CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS. 

Concert introduction 18.15: Katarina Lindblad.


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Richard Wagner’s mammoth work and criticism of his time, Der Ring des Nibelungen, about the creation and end of the world, shows the evil of power and love’s ability to deliver us. The Rhinegold is the first part.

The plot in brief:
Nibelung dwarf Alberich renounces all love to gain access to the magical gold treasure guarded by the Rhine Maidens. He plans to forge an all-powerful ring, giving him dominion over the world. God Wotan has ordered giants Fasolt and Fafner to build a fortress. As payment, the giants have requested goddess Freia, but Loge convinces them to take Alberich’s treasure instead.

The cunning Loge tricks Alberich into demonstrating his newly gained power, and when he transforms into a toad, he is captured by Wotan. Alberich is forced to give up his treasures, and the ring, which he puts a curse on. Having been warned by earth mother Erda, Wotan reluctantly heeds her advice, giving the ring and the rest of the treasure to the giants.

The ring’s curse turns out to be powerful, and Fafner kills Fasolt. The gods make their way to their new home, Valhalla, and the Rhine Maidens lament the loss of their treasure in the distance.