Swedish Radio Choir and Peter Dijkstra's 10 year anniversary

Sunday August 27 at 19.00 Berwaldhallen                                         

Swedish Radio Choir
Peter Dijkstra, conductor

MARTIN SMOLKA: The Name Emmanuel, First performance

NANA FORTE: En ego Campana                                   

SVEN-DAVID SANDSTRÖM: A new Heaven and a new Earth

ALFRED SCHNITTKE: Concert for Choir                        

Duration: 1 h 30 m (no interval)

Mini seminar 18.00: Olle Wästberg presents this year's winner of the Raoul Wallenberg Prize.

Concert introduction 18.15: Niklas Lindblad.

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To celebrate Peter Dijkstra’s ten years as principal conductor, the Radio Choir gave him a present; to commission a piece for the choir. He chose Czech composer Martin Smolka, and the commission resulted in The Name Emmanuel.

Slovenian Nana Forte has set music to the same text as Slovenian 16th century composer Jacobus Gallus set music to 500 years earlier; En Ego Campana, about the church tower clock that chimes for people throughout life’s celebrations and important events.

A New Heaven and a New Earth is Sven-David Sandström’s music set to famous texts from the Revelation of St. John the Divine, in which a heavenly land opens to man.

Alfred Schnittke's Choir Concerto has strong ties to Russian, orthodox music, The lyrics come from 10th century monk Gregory of Narek’s prayer book of so-called laments, in which he seeks the answer to the heavily weighing question: “What can man offer to God, who already has everything and knows everything better than we would ever be able to express?”