Two leading Greens ousted

4:52 min

The Green party leadership has booted two prominent internal critics from their posts, it was announced Tuesday night.

Foreign-policy spokesperson Valter Mutt and the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Union Affairs, Carl Schlyter, will no longer be representing the party in those capacities.

"We are selling ideology for getting a few bags of money," Schlyter told Radio Sweden, about the compromises involved in being in government.

Mutt told news agency TT that the primary reason his duties have been lifted from him is because he voted against Sweden signing a host nation agreement with NATO.

Maria Ferm, the Green party's group leader in Parliament, and member of the party board, did not want to say Tuesday night how many within the party's parliamentary group voted to remove Schylter and Mutt, but she did say to TT, "There was wide support."

She said that it was the recent government reshuffle that led to changes within their Parliamentary group.

Schlyter and Mutt will keep their seats in Parliament, and Åsa Romson, the former spokesperson of the Greens, will take over as the chair of the Parliamentary Committee on European Union Affairs. Pernilla Stålhammar will take over from Valter Mutt.

In protest of the decision, the Greens' Jabar Amin and Annika Lillemets have also left their posts as spokespeople on education and adult education, reports Swedish Television News.

At the party's annual conference some three weeks ago, the Green Party elected a new party leader, Isabella Lövin. Together with the party's male leader, Gustav Fridolin, she emphasised the importance of standing up for the compromises made in government.

In his finishing speech at the conference, Fridolin said: "There is no space for the private ultimatums of 17,000 Green party members."