Swedish ferries would leave UK after Brexit

1:15 min

Stena, one of the world’s largest ferry and shipping operators, would move the home port for their British-flagged ships if Britain votes to exist the European Union (EU) on Thursday.

Claes Berglund, Stena’s head of social and environment issues, told Swedish Radio that the company “will look at moving the ships to other countries in Europe” should Brexit become a reality. He also made clear that the move would not happen overnight and would most likely take a couple of years to be completed.

Stena has a large presence in Britain with around 8,000 employees and a third of their over 100 vessels sailing under the British flag. A British exit from the EU would have major implications on the UK including less port traffic from Stena and probable loss of revenue.

Berglund believes it is important for the ferry and shipping company to be based inside the EU as that is where the majority of their business is.

There is the possibility that Stena could move the British ships to countries like Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany. Stena Line runs 22 ferry routes in Scandinavia, around Great Britain, and to the Baltic connecting 10 countries, according to the company’s website.