Sweden Democrat Party welcomes Brexit

2:56 min

The nationalist Sweden Democrat party welcomes the result of the UK referendum as another sign that its politics are gaining ground.

Johnny Skalin, its spokesperson for EU affairs, says the British result comes just days after Sweden voted to change its immigration laws. They are now at the strictest allowed in the EU. This is another shift that the other two big parties opposed, which he says his party was responsible for, and he draws a parallel between this and the related issue of EU membership.

The centre-left Social Democrats and the centre-right Moderate Party are rivals for the post of prime minister of Sweden, they both took over 20 per cent in the last election, and have ruled out Sweden holding a referendum on the EU. But Johnny Skalin says since the parties recently made a sharp change on immigration policy, events may force another change, on the EU.

The Sweden Democrat party is a right wing populist party that says immigration threatens Swedish culture and society. it took almost 13 per cent in the last election and regularly polls over 20 per cent.

Johnny Skalin says he expects now anti-EU movements in countries like Denmark, Holland, Italy and France to become stronger. And he sends congratulations to the UK Independence party, which cooperates with the Sweden Democrats in the European Parliament.