Police bracelets promote anti-groping campaign

Swedish police will wear and pass out armbands as part of an anti-groping campaign this summer after the department was criticized earlier for its handling of harassment cases at a youth festival in Stockholm.

In a press release, Swedish National Police Chief Dan Eliasson announced that police hoped the bracelets would prevent incidents of groping and sexual harassment and open a dialogue on the subject.

The armbands will be worn by police officers and handed out to youth at festivals and other large events this summer. The bracelets printed on what looks like police tape read “Policeavspärrat #tafsainte” which translate to “Police Line – Do Not Cross #dontgrope”. Eliasson hopes that they will encourage people to report any incidents.

Sexual harassment became a topic of discussion earlier this year when a group of boys groped young girls at the “We are Sthlm” festival for the second year in a row. Many were shocked by the news but young adults said the incidents were a part of everyday life.

Eliasson encouraged any victim of sexual harassment to report it to the police immediately. He also had advice for young men who plan to touch women without consent.

“Who wants be remembered as the guy who gropes people? Think twice, guys, for god’s sake!” he told news agency TT.