Mars appeals trademark dispute that banned m&ms

American candy company Mars has appealed a May ruling from the Svea Court of Appeal that ordered it to stop selling the candy-coated m&ms chocolate in Sweden, news agency TT reports.

The company lost its lengthy trademark dispute with Swedish candy manufacturer Marabou, which has sold chocolate-covered peanuts under the brand name "m" since 1957.

Until 1998, Marabou, which is owned by the international snack food companies Kraft/Mondelez, had an agreement with Mars that prevented the company from selling m&ms in Scandinavia. After the deal lapsed, m&ms made their entry onto the Swedish market and Kraft/Mondelez saw this as infringement on their brand, and took Mars to court.

According to the ruling, Mars had until June 30 to pull m&ms from the Swedish market. But now, Mars has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.