Sweden to increase support in fight against ISIS

1:40 min

As the conference on ISIS concludes today in Washington D.C., Sweden has agreed to increase its support in northern Iraq and host the next coalition meeting this fall.

This week high-ranking diplomats and military officials from around the world have been meeting to discuss the future of Iraq and the fight against the terrorist organization ISIS. Sweden’s Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist and Foreign Minister Margot Wallström participated in the meeting.

The US and coalition forces have requested more military support and Hultqvist officially announced Wednesday that Sweden plans to double its support in northern Iraq from 35 to 70 soldiers, pending a vote in parliament.

Liberal MP, Allan Widman, is somewhat critical of the announcement. 

"I am glad that the government has decided to double our efforts in Iraq, but it's not enough," he told Radio Sweden.  

Coalition forces are preparing an attack on the city of Mosul which is an ISIS stronghold. Sweden will participate in that attack in an advisory role. Hultqvist says that this is a crucial step in defeating ISIS.

“It is extremely important that together we take responsibility for fighting Daesh. It is an organization that is barbaric, that is inhumane. To build a good future for the Middle East, they must be combated,” he told Swedish Radio.

The next coalition meeting is planned for September 20 in Sweden.