Hoping to learn his name, police give victim a face

1:22 min

Police in western Sweden are hoping a reconstructed facial image will help unlock the mystery behind unidentified human remains found in a field in Strömstad Municipality.

Law enforcement released the image from a forensic artist that seeks to recreate the unknown man's face from his skeletal remains. Police believe the man may have been murdered.

Various DNA tests on the remains have led the police to believe the victim was a 42-year-old man between 161 and 171 cm tall and that he most likely came from Eastern Europe. The image was sent via Interpol to several countries in Europe in the hopes that someone recognizes him.

The skull was first found in August 2014 in a field near Näsinge, a small village about 15 km northeast of Strömstad. The police later found more bones in the area but never uncovered any clothes or personal belongings that could identify him.

However, in early August, the case gained new momentum when a jacket was found by two women near the original discovery site. Police will now analyze the jacket.