Appeal court: Assange remains detained

The Svea Court of Appeal rejects Julian Assange's request to have his detention order set aside.

Assange is suspected on probable cause of rape during a visit in Sweden in 2010, and the Svea Court of Appeal announced on Friday that he would remain detained in absentia as the court deems there is a risk he would evade legal proceedings or a penalty.

Assange's lawyers claimed the detention in absentia was disproportionate, citing Assange's health problems incurred due to his long-term stay at the embassy of Ecuador in London. The 45-year-old founder of Wikileaks has spent the past four years at the embassy for fears of being extradited to the USA.

But the Svea Appeals Court writes in a press release that Assange's stay at the Ecuadorean embassy is not a deprivation of liberty, and therefore it will not be given any importance in its own right in the assessment of proportionality.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority announced on Wednesday that Assange will be questioned at Ecuador's embassy in London October 17. The interview will be conducted by an Ecuadorean prosecutor in the presence of the Swedish Chief Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren.