Scientists gather in Uppsala to watch Rosetta touchdown

3:40 min

Friday marked the last day of the Rosetta mission's 12 years of travelling through space and the journey ended with a crashlanding on the Rosetta's  target comet 67P. The dramatic event was broadcast live at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Among those who attended the event in Uppsala was Gabriella Stenberg Wieser, a researcher at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. She explained that Sweden has had a fairly large involvement in the Rosetta mission.

"Both Swedish industry and the Swedish scientific community have made quite large contributions to the mission," Stenberg Wieser said.

The reason why the scientists ended the space probe's mission with a crash is that it will soon be out of communication reach. 

"It's a spectacular end to a fantastic mission that has made lots of progress scientifically," Stenberg Wieser said.