Scientist in Sweden may help solve case in Making a Murderer

6:07 min

A scientist working at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden may hold the key to help solve one of the most talked about crime cases in the US, portrayed in the TV-documentary series "Making a Murderer".

Kirsty Spalding was sitting at home with her husband in front of the TV, watching the documentary when she, half-jokingly, said that she'd probably be able to solve the case with methods they use at the lab at her work.

In an interview with Swedish Radio's science department, she tells how she couldn't stop thinking about it, and instead of going to bed, she ended up googling the number of the US lawyer working on behalf of Steven Avery - and calling her. Steven Avery has been imprisoned for the past ten years in a highly contested court case and is at the centre of the TV-documentary.

A few days after making that call, Kirsty Spalding is now officially on the case. She is currently waiting to find out whether she will be allowed to start analysing the blood stains from the crime scene.