Millionaire Norwegian Suspect Dies on Swedish Island

A millionar Norwegian sought after by police around the world for the last year on charges of large-scale embezzlement has been found dead in his rented car by Swedish policemen on a Stockholm island.

Some reports claim the Norweigan shot himself in the head only seconds after the police recognized him coming out of a shop and following his car as he tried to escape, others that he drove off the road into a tree after police surpassed him on the road.

The man was accused of swindling financiers, housewives and porno kings – and fled from his homeland after an investigation was launched into a 100 million kronor fraud involving phony shares. He turned up briefly in Dubai before being discovered on that Stockholm island in Lake Mällaren.

He is also credited with having stashed huge sums of money all around the world. A few years ago, he was beaten up and threatened by the Oslo underworld and their hit men.