Opposition politician sacked for calling minister a "whore"

A politician from the opposition conservative Moderate party was fired on Thursday evening after calling Minister for Social Security Annika Strandhäll a “whore” in a live webcast.

Delmon Haffo, who reportedly did not realise that the camera was already broadcasting, has been fired from his role as digital communicator, teaching people within the centre-right party how to use social media. He is a member of Stockholm County Council.

Standhäll had recently joked after the US election that men should not be allowed to vote.

In the clip that was broadcast on YouTube, Haffo directed a comment to Standhäll that “it’s not OK to joke about male suffrage” and called her a “whore”. Laughter can be heard in the background of the clip, which was first published by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Haffo was sacked by the party shortly after news outlets started reporting what he had said.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who is a Social Democrat, said Haffo’s comments indicated that there was an issue within the party culture of the conservative Moderates.

“This is terribly serious and it seems to be a culture in the party that the party leader must deal with,” Löfven told TT news agency.

Löfven's response was rejected by the conservative Moderate’s party secretary Tomas Tobé, who said that following the incident he had acted immediately to remove Haffo.