Moderate PR chief leaves in wake of "whore" jibe

3:03 min

The fallout after a conservative Moderate politician was broadcast calling Minister for Social Security Annika Strandhäll a “whore” has continued, with the party’s communications director Per Nilsson leaving his position.

The announcement was made at a press conference on Friday by party chair Tomas Tobé who said although Nilsson had not been in the room when the comments were made there had been a “lack of leadership”.

Nilsson will stay on as the party’s analysis manager, Tobé said. Another three members of the party were brought in for “serious” talks, he added.

Today’s announcement stems from a controversial incident on Thursday in which Stockholm County Council member and conservative Moderate party communicator Delmon Haffo was broadcast live on YouTube calling Strandhäll a “whore”.

Haffo was fired shortly after his remarks had been reported in the media.

Radio Sweden spoke with political science professor at The University of Gothenburg, Jonas Hinnfors about the incident and what needs to happen to stop this type of language from being used.

" To prevent this type of behavior from growing, it is extremely important for party leadership to step in and not just say ordinary words but show, in action, where the line is drawn," he said.